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Prodigy Imagine

Prod:”YN! YN! YN! I’m sorry please don’t leave. YN your my everything please don’t go.”

   This is third time you and Prodigy are having this fight, and your DONE. Three strikes your out. When you turn to face Prodigy your face was covered in black streams of mascara.

You:”No prod this is the third time we’re having this fight I’m done. Go fuck some other hoes, in our bed. Actually its yours now.”

   While you threw your suitcases down the stairs RocRoyal, RayRay, and Princeton were standing there in shock. One suitcase hit RayRay and he jumped. When you finally had all 7 bags worth of your things Princeton stopped you glared trying to wrench from his grip. He only gripped tighter.

Prince:”What’s wrong YN?”

You:”Why don’t you ask your fucktard friend? After all he thinks it okay to fuck other fucking whores in, what used to be our bed. Oh and tell him to keep his fucking ring.”

Prince:”YN? Where are you going to go? You’ve been living with Prodigy for 3 years. You have no where. You guys were engaged?”

You:”A hotel for the time being. And yes we were, for four weeks. Today is our 3 year anniversary. Thanks for remembering not that it no longer matters.”

Prince:”No you can stay with me and Roc just stay in your car. We’re gunna go talk to Prod before he does something stupid. And stop crying your way to pretty to cry.”

You:”Okay and thanks I don’t even know the last time Prodigy told me that.”

Prince:*smiles then walks away with the other boys*

   After about fifteen minutes Princeton and Roc jump in your front and back seat mad.

You:”Did I do something?”

Prince:”No you did nothing at all *smiles reassuringly and rubs your hand”

Roc:”So… Uhh… YN did you know the girl he cheated with?”

You:”Yep it was my fucking sister.”

   And with that you turn on your Ipod and put your favorite three songs on repeat, Here We Go by Trina ft. Kelly Rowland, I Should of Cheated by Keisha Cole, and Right Thru Me by Nicki Minaj. Prince and Roc listened to the lyrics as you cried quietly and they realized why you played those songs over and over.

   When you finally got to the boy’s crib, you were impressed. It wasn’t as dirty as you expected it to be. Prince and Roc took you to your bedroom it was right in between Prince and Roc’s. You thanked them and began to unpack. About 11 at night you finished while you were changing Prince came into he room to say goodnight. All you were wearing was a cheetah print push up bra and a mathing one size fits all v-string.  

Prince:”Goodnight Y-“


Prince:”I’m sorry I’ll come back later.”

You:”Never mind now just come in”

Prince:”Are you sure?”

You:”Yeah you one of closest people to me”


   You stop the conversation to get dressed. You put on some super short cheer shorts from cheerleading in college. Then you take off your bra to put on a brown sports bra. Prince stared in awe.

You:”What’s on your mind?”


You:”You what’s on your mind you’ve been staring at me like this since we met in college 5 years ago. And they got more frequent after Prodigy and I started dating. What’s wrong?”

Prince:”Do you want the whole truth or just the more frequent part?”

You:”The whole truth”

Prince:”I have feelings for you. I’ve been in love with you since the first day we met. I just never said anything because when I wanted or was confident enough to do it you were with a guy. Haven’t you notice the last 3 years all I did was stare. I rarely ever talked to you. YFN(Your Full Name) I’m in love with you everyone knows including Roc and Ray. They’ve been pressuring me to tell you since forever. But I just didn’t have the gut. *gets on one knee* YN please be my girlfriend. I know you just got out of a relationship and you need time just dont take to long. Please stop crying now your making me feel bad. *pouts lip out joking.”

   You stare at him with a look of lust when he turns to leave you pull him by the arm and kiss him.

You:”I’ve been waiting for you to tell me cause funny thing, *small laugh* I love you too.”


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