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Tyanna’s Sexy RayRay Imagine

You:”RayRay, baby? What’s wrong are you okay?”

RayRay texted you and told you to come over to his condo because it was an emergency and he needed you. 

You:”*walk into his bedroom* Ray… Ray?”

RayRay:”I need your help by putting this on. Oh and meeting me downstairs.”

RayRay had handed you a purple baby doll halter top with a matching v-string from Victoria’s Secret. He had also given you a purple robe that came down to your mid thigh. For ten minutes you stood there and stared at it. You though about just going home but this boy always knew how to persuade you otherwise.

You put on the “outfit” and walked down stairs. When you reached the second landing on the staircase you saw a trail of rose petals. You then followed that down the hall to the dining room, where he had a lovely dinner set up. He came out the kitchen with just his boxers on.

You:”RayRay this is so beautiful, but why are we eating dinner in our underclothes?”

Ray:”Ask me later after dinner and I’ll give you a better answer than, just because.”

You:”*give him a puzzled look and begins to eat*”

Ray asked you about your week considering it wasn’t the best it’s always been. He told you about the most recent tour him and the boys finished. You laughed at all the pranks he pulled on them. It’s so like RayRay to pull pranks on his boys.

Ray:”Here I’ll take that. You need to save up all your energy… Cause you’re going to need it.”

You:”*still completely oblivious to what he’s doing* Okay?”

When you stand up to follow RayRay in to the kitchen. He comes up behind you, scaring you.

You:”*screams and poke him* Don’t scare me like that.”

Ray:”I told you to save your energy.”

Ray picked you up bridal style and carries you to his room, then throws you on the bed. That’s when you finally caught on, RayRay wanted to fuck. You were so tired from working everyday that everything he did tonight was flying over your head. 

Ray:”Tyanna I love you. You’re so beautiful.”

You:”Thanks Ray Baby.”

Ray:”Have I ever told you that I love it when you call me baby.”

Before you could even answer RayRay crashed his super soft lips into yours. The pecks he was giving you turned into mini battles until he won. The he began to kiss down your neck making you moan like crazy. While he was at work on your neck his hands were at work on the your throbbing mound.

You:”Ray just give it to me already.”

Ray:”Nope. Not until your dripping wet.”

Ray broke the kiss taking off the robe and the top you had on. Then he began sucking on your right nipple while pinching, pulling, and massaging the other one. After a while he switched nipples. With his free left hand he started playing with you your continuously throbbing mound.

You:”Ahh Ray Baby. *bite your lip*”

Ray began kissing down your torso to the top of your panties. He caught the hem with his teeth and pulled them down your legs and off onto the floor. He spread your legs wide enough to fit him and he slid off the bed onto his knees pulling your hips to the end of the bed. Ray kissed your kitty as it throbbed to have his friend inside of it. Ray began to eat you making you go crazy. Right when you were hitting the climax Ray stopped.

You:”Baby why’d you stop?”

Ray:”Cause now you’re ready.”

And with that RayRay slammed into you with all of his weight behind it making you go breathless. You were so out of breath that Ray slowed down for a few strokes letting you get some air back in your lungs.

You:”I love you RayRay.”

After a good 12 strokes you came. Ray thrusted into you letting you ride out your climax. He came not soon too after.

You:”I love you too, Tyanna.”

Ray pulled his bed sheets over the two of you so that the two of you could fall asleep in each others arms. RayRay kissed the back of your head before dozing off.

Princeton Imagine 3

You:”Would you like to join me?”

Prince:”Uhmm. *undresses and gets in with you*”

You:”What’s wrong?”

Prince:”What do you mean?”

You:”You have a look of deep thought. Like you saw someone you wish you didn’t.”

Prince:”Honestly… Remember that ex that you saved me from killing myself over?”

You:”*nod your head and sip some wine*”

Prince:”Well I ran into her a the drug store. She wanted to hang out, but I said no. So she got pissed and stormed off. I’m worried about her coming after you. So when the boys and I aren’t around I’m gonna have some of our bodyguards watch over you. Okay?”

You:”*look at him and sigh* Whatever. *get out the tub and begins to dry off*”

Prince:”What’s wrong?”

You:”That woman ruined the mood.”

Prince:”*gets out the tub and dries off* She doesn’t have to. *winks*”


  You leave the bathroom and sneak in to the walk-in closet you share with Princeton and found some cute clothes to wear. You put on a pair of fire red cheekies with a matching bra, and Princeton’s favorite Misfits t-shirt on top. When you were done you walked out into the bedroom where Princeton is sprawled out on the bed in his favorite Nirvana tank and some basketball shorts watching reruns of the TV show Misfits. So to get his attention you walk right in front of the TV causing him to sit up.

Prince:”Hey! YN! I’m wa-. *takes a better look at you* Is that my favorite Misfits shirt?”

You:”*nod your head* Look down.”

Prince:”Come here, baby. *pats his lap*”

You:”*crawl onto his lap*”

Prince:”You look so beautiful.”

You:”I want to thank you.”

Prince:”*gives a confused look*”

You:”For saving me from my horrible past. Being peaceful is so more fun than being the evil constantly fighting person I used to be. Thank you.”

Prince:”Your so very welcome. Now your the best girl for me. Plus the old you kept getting hurt by men the new you met the first one on the first try.”

You:”Mhmm. *bites lip*”

   Prince smashes his soft lips into yours causing you to smile against his mouth and him smiling in response. When Princeton went to take off your shirt the bedroom door busted open.

Roc:”Yo can you-“


Ray:”Can you guys take us home?”

You:”Sure cause we weren’t in the middle of something.”

Prince:”Babe c’mon let’s go.”

   When you got up to put on some sweats you all heard the front door’s window break open.

Woman:”Princeton? Baby? I’m home.”

Prince:”Dammit it’s Rachel.”

To Be Continued…

Roc royal

“Why did you do it” you yelled at roc like he was stupid.”I don’t know what your talking about”he said aggravated.”damn roc.I saw you.you can’t hide it no more I tried everything.but it seems like I’m not important enough to give a damn.so you know what I give up.”you said tears rolling down your eyes.

You see what had happen was you and roc been together for a while now and you’re getting tired of him sleeping around.did you know he’s been sleeping ?yes.but you wasn’t going to confront him about it,until you knew for sure.you even lost your bestfriend because of him.you had enough when he sleep with you sister the other night. And that next morning you beat the hoe up.he thought you didn’t know but ooooohhhh was he wrong.

"wait what you can’t leave"roc yellled."and why the hell not."I said getting annoyed."cuz yn.I need you.I can’t live with out you"I said trying to hug me.I just push him away."oh well, you should of never been sleeping with other chicks and cheating so imma go just like you wanted it.obvious that you didn’t want my love to begin with."I said beginning to walk out the door."yn. If you let me explain .please just sit down and let me explain."he said grabbing my hand."fine and keep you ‘fucking’ hand away from me."you said walking to the couch .

You walked to a single couch and roc sat on a love seat.”so this is how it went down. When I first met you I was like ‘damn she hot’ and we ended up getting together your always leaving,so I thought something else was going on so I was. Like ‘two can play at this game’ .you know me being a player and all before I met you.so I started sleep with other girl. That was til I met you’re ex amd he told me that you and him have been doing it for the longest.so I got mad and went to your bestfriend.she told me that you were just a whore anyway and she could show me a good time.I fucked the life out of her after that.but anyway I still thought you deserved more so I did it with your sister.I didn’t feel right at all.so when I was about to pull out you was at the door.you beat the hell out of that girl.so now you know everything.”he said looking for any emotion at all,but I was showing nothing. “Ok so let me ask you this.you thought I was sleeping with my ex.my ex was sleeping with girl and boys why the fuck would I still want him.and you knew that. And I didn’t think you would go so low to fucking my sister but I guess that’s the typer of ‘player’ you are.so now that you explained imma be leaving now.my brother is coming to picked up my stuff tomorrow.”as I walked to the door roc was right there.”before you leave can I please have one last kiss.”you kissed him and he asked for entrance and you accepted.y’all tongue wrestle to see who going to dominate and he won.you pulled away and had tears in you eyes.”bye my rock”

The end

Or is it

To be continued

Did y’all see what had happened about trayon martin and then on instagram there’s a new pose called trayoning.racist white folks


Prince got da big D… now watch when he turns 18. Making bitches EVERYWHERE cripple.

This video was so funny


Prince got da big D… now watch when he turns 18. Making bitches EVERYWHERE cripple.

This video was so funny

Princeton image

You and princeton been together for a year now and you just found out you where moving away for awhile.he never gave up on you thoe.”imma miss you yn “he said sending sweet kissing down your neck “calm down Princeton I’m leaving in like two days not tonight “you said pushing him off of you.you looked at him before running out the room “oh you’ll get it.and when I get you, you’ll regret it.”he threatned.chasing after you.you ran behind a wall and you saw him coming so you stick your leg out and he fell.”haha so you got me right?”you mocked him.you where to busy laughing that you didn’t notice him coming up behind you.he tackle you on the ground.

"I told you"he said before getting up and helping you up."thanks a lot princeton you got my favorite shorts dirty"you said tring to get the smuts off of them."you’ll be ok"he said smirking.you looked at him for a second and broke down crying"why did you do those where my favorite shorts.now there ruined.why don’t you just leave."you said whipping tears from your eyes."y-yn.I’m so sorry"princeton said walking up to you wrapping his arm around you."haha.you should of saw your face,but really I’m mad.you owe me some new shorts"you said getting up."of course my sweet princess."he said getting up to."I mean like now"you grabbed his hand and ran out the room into the car.

The end

A Racy Love Story(rocxray)

Ello people I’m so not use to righting short stories so most of MY stories are going to be ‘to be continued’ so here we go.

Ray pov

I don’t know if I should tell him how I feel.what if he stop talking.or I lose all the fans trust.or worst what if they hate me because of who I am.what I’ve become.I would leave the town.move under a rock.ray calm down its not going to come to that just think ok.I thoughts got cut of when roc came out of the shower with no clothes on except a towel around his waist.

"Ohhh a dollor"roc said before dropping his towel to pick it up."roc your towel"I yelled ,shielding my eyes."what man.you acted like you never seen ‘roczilla’before.calm your nuts."he said wrapping the towel around his waist again.he was right tho.I seen all part of him.by choice.no.accident.yes.did I enjoy it.fuck yeah.but he didn’t seem to mine either.ithoughts got enterupted again by roc yelling my name.he looked me in my face.and leaned in and slowly kiss me.I didn’t heisitate one bit.he pushed me on the bed and I wrapped my legs around his waist."I’ve been waiting for this moment from the first time I saw you"roc said taking off his shirt and pants.before he took off his boxes guess what.



The end

Princeton Imagine 2

Prince:”Why’d you kiss him?!”


Prince:”I thought you were kidding…..”

You:”Yeah. Humph. When have I ever lied to you Prince. The only time I lied to you is when we surprised you for your 21st birthday. Prince we promised to be honest with each other. Why would I lie to you babe, especially about kissing someone other than you. Prince just go home. Max come on lemme clean up your lip. *turn your back to Prince and go to the medic room*”

Max:”*Max comes back out* Prince I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to affend you. If it means anything I’m gay I have a boyfriend so kissing YN isn’t anything. I’m really sorry. Please forgive YN she’s a great girl. I’ve known YN for 9 years she’s never cheated nor will she ever. Just forgive her.”

Prince:”I’m sorry man for punching you I’m just protective over anything that I love. Forgive me man. *sticks out hand for a handshake*”

Max:”*gives hand*

You:”Max here I have ice. Your isn’t that busted that you need stitches, but it’ll be bleeding for a bit. I’ll see you tomorrow for our shopping trip. Bye!”

Max:”I think you need to spend sometime with Princeton and explain this whole dance thing with him. We can always have our normal Monday night chill out session, but you have a great guy. I’ve seen you be hurt too many times YN. I don’t want you to lose Princeton, because I think he’s the one you can settle down with. Just talk to him.”

You:”You know what Max, I think you’re right. I just don’t know why he doesn’t trust me. He’s the first guy I’ve ever said I love you to and meant it. Every other guy I only said it cause they said it first. I just don’t like letting people in the only people that know everything about me, is you, Princeton, Prodigy, RayRay, and RocRoyal. And you know about my self-harming past. The reason why I came here is cause he told me to kill myself. I mean I know he didn’t mean it, but honestly I don’t even know what we were fight about that would cause him to take a low blow like that. Just Max I need you to tell me it’ll be okay.”

Max:”*hugs you* You’ll be okay baby girl.”

You:”*pulls away* I think I’m gonna talk to him right now.”

Max:”*winks and walks to his car*”


Prince:”Yeah? *walking to his car with friends*”

You:”*spin him around and kiss him ever so passionately* I love you.”

Prince:”I love you too, YN.”

You:”*winks* I’ll see you at home. *get’s in your truck and drive off*”

Prince:”Yo Roc, remind me to stop at the drug store on the way home.”

Roc:”I’ll remember cause i’ma mess with you the whole way home. Prince is gonna get it in.”

Prince:”*face turns red* I hate you guys.”

   When Prince gets to the drug store he finds the condoms he needs and turns to pay and he runs into on old ex.

Woman:”Long time no see.”

Prince:”Well yeah I’ve moved on and I see that you have too. Nice ring.”

Woman:”Yeah well don’t you have a girlfriend to get to.”

Prince:”Yeah she’s at home waiting for me. she’s got bad cramps. So I’m taking care of her. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Woman:”*looks down*”

Prince:”Well I’ve got to go so. Bye.”

   Prince walks away from his ex he hated her she cheated on him all the time. She didn’t understand that she couldn’t have the cake and eat it too. When Prince got back in the car Roc picked up on the awkward vibe and asked about it.

Roc:”What’s up man?”

Prince:”I ran into the ex that sent me into depression.”

Roc:”What’d she want?”

Prince:”To hang out, but I said no. So she got pissed and walked away.”

Roc:”Well man I hope she doesn’t become a stalker again.”

Prince:”Well I have a life long restraining order on her so she can if she want, but she’ll end up in jail.”


   When they got back to YN’s and Prince’s house the boys went in the basement, and Prince went upstairs to YN.

   When you were done getting in the tub you heard Prince acsending the stairs, and you got super excited.

Prince:”Baby? Are you in the bathroom?”


Prince:”What are you up -“

To Be Continued…..  

Princeton Imagine

Prince:”Why don’t you just kill yourself!”

You:”*looks at him, Roc, RayRay, and Prod and grabs keys*

As soon as Prince said it he regretted it. He totally forgot about your suicidal past.

Prince:”YN wait!”

You:”Fuck you! You know I was put in a mental institution for 2 years because of suicide attemps! So fuck you Prince! Fuck you!”

Prince:”I’m sorry! YN! YN!”

You got in your truck and drove off. You honestly thought about stopping the truck and jumping off the bridge, but you don’t want to give prince the satisfaction of your death. So you went to your dance studio. Your a full time contemporary dance teacher. When you got to the studio you stripped down to light pink short shorts and a black bralette. You began to stretch cause you knew you were going to be there all night.


Prince:”What am I gunna do?”

Roc:”Well do you know where she’d go?”

Prince:”Yeah. Her dance studio. Let’s go get her.”

Princeton gets in his car with RocRoyal, RayRay, and Prod. When they arrived at your studio they see you dancing through the window. So they walk into the viewing to to watch you dance for the first time.

While you were dancing you began to cry, getting into the dance when you turn to leap you spot Princeton, Prodigy, RayRay, and RocRoyal. So you stop the music, cross ypur arms, and walk over to the voice receiver and preas send.

You:”Are you all here to make sure that I kill my self?”

Prince:”*presses the receive button* No and I didn’t know you could dance like that. Why’d you hide it from me?”

You:”It helped me recover. I just don’t like telling people because this happens. People come and watch me.”

Prince:”Don’t worry keep going. We’re not going to make fun of you. Just go.”

You:”Fine just fucking be quiet.”

All for of them:”Okay.”

You turn the music on and dance. You felt so free and not full of inhibitions. Then you heard a rapping at the studio door so you stop the music and open the door. When you opened the door your dance partner Max was there.

You:”Max what are you doing here?”

Max:”There was four boys who broke in here. And I was on my way to dance, but I guess you had a fight with Prince again.”

You:”Yeah well he’s here *gestured to the viewing booth*”

Max:”*waves* Hey you wanna work on our routine.”


Max strips down to basketball shorts with no shirt. You then help him stretch. All the time you could feel Princeton’s and everyone else’s eyes boring holes in your back.

You started up the music and began to dance with Max towards the end of the 10 minute routine there’s a part where Max lays you on the ground and lays on top of you. During that he must kiss you passionately and rub his right hand down your body. When you guys got to that part you did it all out.

When it was over you guys got dressed. And began to head out when you were leaving. Princeton came out and punched Max in the mouth.

You:”The fuck Prince?!”

To Be Continued……

Prodigy Imagine

Prod:”YN! YN! YN! I’m sorry please don’t leave. YN your my everything please don’t go.”

   This is third time you and Prodigy are having this fight, and your DONE. Three strikes your out. When you turn to face Prodigy your face was covered in black streams of mascara.

You:”No prod this is the third time we’re having this fight I’m done. Go fuck some other hoes, in our bed. Actually its yours now.”

   While you threw your suitcases down the stairs RocRoyal, RayRay, and Princeton were standing there in shock. One suitcase hit RayRay and he jumped. When you finally had all 7 bags worth of your things Princeton stopped you glared trying to wrench from his grip. He only gripped tighter.

Prince:”What’s wrong YN?”

You:”Why don’t you ask your fucktard friend? After all he thinks it okay to fuck other fucking whores in, what used to be our bed. Oh and tell him to keep his fucking ring.”

Prince:”YN? Where are you going to go? You’ve been living with Prodigy for 3 years. You have no where. You guys were engaged?”

You:”A hotel for the time being. And yes we were, for four weeks. Today is our 3 year anniversary. Thanks for remembering not that it no longer matters.”

Prince:”No you can stay with me and Roc just stay in your car. We’re gunna go talk to Prod before he does something stupid. And stop crying your way to pretty to cry.”

You:”Okay and thanks I don’t even know the last time Prodigy told me that.”

Prince:*smiles then walks away with the other boys*

   After about fifteen minutes Princeton and Roc jump in your front and back seat mad.

You:”Did I do something?”

Prince:”No you did nothing at all *smiles reassuringly and rubs your hand”

Roc:”So… Uhh… YN did you know the girl he cheated with?”

You:”Yep it was my fucking sister.”

   And with that you turn on your Ipod and put your favorite three songs on repeat, Here We Go by Trina ft. Kelly Rowland, I Should of Cheated by Keisha Cole, and Right Thru Me by Nicki Minaj. Prince and Roc listened to the lyrics as you cried quietly and they realized why you played those songs over and over.

   When you finally got to the boy’s crib, you were impressed. It wasn’t as dirty as you expected it to be. Prince and Roc took you to your bedroom it was right in between Prince and Roc’s. You thanked them and began to unpack. About 11 at night you finished while you were changing Prince came into he room to say goodnight. All you were wearing was a cheetah print push up bra and a mathing one size fits all v-string.  

Prince:”Goodnight Y-“


Prince:”I’m sorry I’ll come back later.”

You:”Never mind now just come in”

Prince:”Are you sure?”

You:”Yeah you one of closest people to me”


   You stop the conversation to get dressed. You put on some super short cheer shorts from cheerleading in college. Then you take off your bra to put on a brown sports bra. Prince stared in awe.

You:”What’s on your mind?”


You:”You what’s on your mind you’ve been staring at me like this since we met in college 5 years ago. And they got more frequent after Prodigy and I started dating. What’s wrong?”

Prince:”Do you want the whole truth or just the more frequent part?”

You:”The whole truth”

Prince:”I have feelings for you. I’ve been in love with you since the first day we met. I just never said anything because when I wanted or was confident enough to do it you were with a guy. Haven’t you notice the last 3 years all I did was stare. I rarely ever talked to you. YFN(Your Full Name) I’m in love with you everyone knows including Roc and Ray. They’ve been pressuring me to tell you since forever. But I just didn’t have the gut. *gets on one knee* YN please be my girlfriend. I know you just got out of a relationship and you need time just dont take to long. Please stop crying now your making me feel bad. *pouts lip out joking.”

   You stare at him with a look of lust when he turns to leave you pull him by the arm and kiss him.

You:”I’ve been waiting for you to tell me cause funny thing, *small laugh* I love you too.”


Ray Ray Imagine

 You and RayRay have been engaged for seven months and been together for 8. Your wedding is supposed to be on December 31st at 11:00 p.m., you both wanted to bring in the new year married. 

 Right now it’s 5:30 in the morning, you and Ray are trying to finish the place cards fr the tables. It’s getting kind of chilly in the living room so Ray went to go get a blanket from the hall closet. When he comes back, he stops and stares at you with a look of concern and care.

You:”What Ray?”

 Ray continues to stare not blinking or anything. You become agitated because your period is three days in and you have seven days left. Also you’re tired, cranky, sleepy, and groggy. So Ray’s staring is the last thing you want to put up with.

You:”What the fuck are you staring at?”

Ray:”Baby, please just calm down. It’s just your eyes are really bloodshot. We can do it tomorrow. Please come to bed.”

 Right when ray said it he regretted it, because your expression said it all. 

You:”You know how I feel about starting something and not finishing it. In fact I despise not finishing things I’ve started. RAY IF YOU WANNA FUCKING GO TO BED, YOU CAN FUCKING GO. I’M NOT GOING TO MOTHERFUCKING STOP YOU. AS A MATTER OF FACT TAKE YOUR ASS TO BED. I DON’T NEED YOUR FUCKING HELP!”

 Instead of Ray arguing he just went to bed. He knows how much pressure you put on yourself to be perfect to he didn’t even bother trying to argue it. 

 After tossing and turning from the fight with you, he walked downstairs to check up on you. He came downstairs to find you asleep on the love seat. He smiles and begins to pick you up and carry you upstairs. Ray changed you and placed you under the covers. 

You:”I’m sorry baby. i love you.”

 After you mumbled that rolling over, ray smiled. 

Ray:”It’s okay. i love you too baby.”

 Ray snuggled close up behind you, kissing the back of your head, and fell asleep watching the sun rise.

Roc Royal Imagine

You and Roc have been together for 2 1/2 years he has been on a world wide tour so you haven’t seen him for 6 months. Today he’s coming home your expecting him to message you when he’s on the plane to Los Angeles. While making lunch he contacts you.

*Via Text*

Roc:”Hi YN.”

You:”Hi Roc.What’s up,baby?”

Roc:”I’ll be home in 5 hours. Did you miss me?”

You:”I missed you terribly babe. : *”

Roc:”Well you’ll get to see me in 5 hours. I love you,YN”

You:”I love you, too Roc.”

Roc:”The plane is getting ready to take off. I’ll text or call you when we land. I love you, baby. Goodbye.”

You:”Okay. I love you, too baby. Goodbye”

   You have five hours to have something speacial set up for Roc when he comes home. You decide on having a warm bath set up for him when he gets home, You have to go shopping so with 5 hours to spare. First, you go to the mall to buy Roc the g-shock watch he’s wanted for months, a new snapback, and some “obey” shirts. Then you go to the beauty spa at the front of the mall to get a Brazilian Bikini Wax, Laser armpit and leg hair removal, a facial, and a Bikini Facial. With one hour left you walk out of the front of the mall, Roc’s presents in hand. When you got into your white GMC Denali Yukon XL and drive back to your 5 bedroom penthouse apartment, that you decided to keep when you asked Roc to move in, you only had 30 minutes left to get ready.
After getting Roc’s presents laid out on the California King-Sized bed you two share every night you grabbed his favorite set of lingerie and put it on. It’s a black lacy see-through bustier with black lacy see-through v-string that you always wear with a pair of 6 inch stiletto heels. Then you ran a super hot bath with rose petals. After that was done you heard the front door open and close.

Roc:”YN! YN! I’m home! YN! YN!”

You:”In the bathroom baby.”

Roc:”What are you do-“

You:”Do you like?”

Roc:”I don’t know what to say.”

Roc was shocked all he did was stare. After five minutes of staring he decided to actually speak.

Roc:”That’s sexy.”

You:”I’m glad you think it’s sexy. Would you like to help me take it off.”

Roc:”No…… I’d love to help you take it off”